ICT in education

Name of the tool
PYP Classroom (2012-13)
Best site to share resources with the students and share lesson plans.
I used this site to share academic resources with my students
Collaborate, Create and Organize
Khan Academy
Practice math with the help of exercises and videos on Khan Academy
Regularly using this site for homework and as a practice for the ongoing topics/strands
Investigate, Organize, Collaborate and Be responsible
Khan Academy
Dynamo Dictionary
Explore new words with its meaning or make a flash card of your own
Prepared Language wordlist to make it little interractive for the students and gave them an exposure to create their own word list/Flashcards.
Organize, Investigate,Collaborate,Create and Be Responsible
My Wordlist
Wall Wisher
Take feed backs, explore new word, collaborative learning, wonder wall etc
Used for taking feedback and word of the day in order to enhance their vocabulary and its usage. [and also in various other ways]
Collaborate, Create and Communicate
My Wall wisher
Create your own online wonder wall to help students extend their conceptual understanding and also drive students to prepare their own central Idea of the unit and related Lines of Inquiry. Image generator of words.
Recorded the words to unpack the central idea of the unit
Communicate and Create
My Wordle for Materials
bubbl.us and popplet
Take reflection of the students after the activity in a form of mind map or flow chart. Can also be used to explore experiment write up and in various other creative and innovative ways.
Used this site to take reflection after the field trip to Pencil manufacturing unit.
Collaborate and Organize

Allow students to express their ideas and record information using images, text, music and video's.
Using this tool to take reflection on the PYP attributes that the students reflected on, in the unit"How the world works".
Organize and Create
Can be used to take test, online sessions, as a whiteboard, for discussion, for feedbacks, and as a brainstorming tool.
Students discussed the character traits for Hollis Wood (one of the main character from the reader "Pictures of Hollis Wood".
Collaborate and Organize
Primary Wall
Can be used to take feedback, collaborative learning, or any new word/vocabulary exploration
Explored this site to take feedback for my wiki, i.e. how it is helping students in their learning.
Collaborate and Organize
Can be used to create mindmap, flow chart or even Concept map. Can be used as whiteboard tool to brainstorm ideas too.
Students recording anecdotes for how they demonstrated 7 habits. A concise record of their habits and behaviour.
Organize, Communicate and Responsible
Can be used to get the concise details on the topic and students can also create their own PPT, upload it on the slideshare and share publicly or privately.
Students explored various PPT to revise and enhance their Grammar and Public speaking. They are inspired to create Power Point Presentation for the ongoing unit and upload it on the slideshare.
Collaborate, create and Responsible
A Classroom tool that helps teacher to improve behavior in their classroom. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teacher can share with parents.
Using this tool to take anecdotal records for academic and behavioral purpose.
Collaborate, Organize and Responsible
An excellent tool for collaboration.
Students experienced virtual learning by interacting/ had Skype session with the Australian author 'Ken Spillman.'
Superb tool to stay connected to your classroom.
Students having fun posting/sharing their doubts, queries, thoughts and ideas. They are also enjoying the quiz and library on Edmodo. Great tool for teachers to get connected to their class and nurture them in their academics using ICT.
Collaborate and Responsible
A very useful/effective collaboration and creative brainstorming tool to stay connected with your students.
Students are contented to explore this creative and collaborative tool. They are discovering new ways to create Logo and presentation with their creative thoughts and ideas, for their ongoing unit 'Digital Media.
Collaborate, Create and Organize
A personal internet desktop and a tool to access bookmarks
Students use this tool to save/bookmark the good sites surfed during research on a given topic and a link of the video seen.
Organize and Responsible
Art of Story telling
A site that allows you to create a story on your own and give a voice to your ideas and thoughts.
With the help of this site, students are practising organising their ideas and thoughts in order to produce a good story. The site helps them select a genre, Background, characters and props.
Create, Organize, Communicate and Be Responsible
Art of Story telling